Pierce County Jail Visiting

Pierce County Jail visitingPierce county jail visiting: What to prepare for.

So, you have a loved one locked up and it’s time to do a piece county jail visiting appearance and you’re wondering what you should wear, what you can bring, should you bring the kids, can you bring the kids, all these thoughts are running through your mind.

Visiting someone in the pierce county jail.

First, breathe and remember that county jail is not prison, so it’s not as strict as you are imagining it to be.

This moment should be exciting for you, even though it’s under unfortunate circumstances.

Pierce County Jail: Visiting Rules.

It is up to your loved one to make sure that all paperwork is filled out so you can visit them, it is their responsibility to know about their current visiting schedule and reschedules.

You must bring an approved picture identification to your visit.

You’ll only have an hour to visit with your loved one and you won’t be able to visit more than once on the same day.

Show up on time or early because if you’re late, you will be turned away.

You must have an appointment, you cannot just show up because your loved one asked you to.

Visiting jail with minors.

No more than two children with one adult, and if two adults are present, only one child can is allowed.

Only a parent, grandparent or legal guardianĀ can bring a child to visit the inmate.

For more on visitation rules and general information, visit here

Preparing you and a child for visitation.

When visiting the pierce county jail, you won’t be able to bring anything personal with you or get up to leave and come back, so it’s better to make sure that you have gone to the bathroom and fed yourself and the children before sitting down for your visitation.

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