Pierce County Jail Commissary Info

Jail Commissary What can you buy in a jail commissary?

The pierce county jail commissary is where your loved one will be able to order the items they need such as snacks, basic health supplies, writing materials, clothing and more.

You might hear them say/ask the term “Can you put money on my books” which means adding money to their account so they can purchase these items.

How to put money in an inmates account?

Depending on the jail the method of making an inmate commissary deposit can be different, for the Washington State Piece County Jail offers three methods…

  1.  Pay via the internet using a credit/debit card.
  2.  Touchpay Kiosk which is located in their lobby, cash or card.
  3.  By calling their toll free number, at 1-866-232-1899. You’ll need the facility Locator Number which is 298402

Visit the following link to make an online deposit.

what if I can’t support my loved one right now?

Don’t worry too much, often times jails provide Indigent Items to inmates with less than $1 on their account, however, the items for them purchase will be limited. Pierce County does indeed provide them.

What are indigent Items?

They are your basic items like soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, deodorant, razors, your bottom down basic supplies to help them get through their daily living and is provided weekly.

how much do things cost in jail commissary?

Depending on the jail prices can be different. You’ll want to ask your loved one or call the toll-free number if you’re unsure how much you should put on your their books.

Can I send money to an inmate?

The pierce county jail mail is strict and your letter and money will be sent back.

You cannot send money in, however, the three methods mentioned above are sufficient enough for you to help out your loved one.

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