Friend in pierce county jail

The conflict of having someone in the pierce county jail system.

So, I have a friend in pierce county jail and I became conflicted about writing him and keeping touch because this isn’t his first rodeo with the jail system and each catalyst that landed him in a cell has to do with harming another person…

This conflict, unfortunately, is common and if you’re reading this then I assume you’re also in the same position of having someone you know in the pierce county jail system.

So I wanted to provide some tips to help you navigate the feelings of having a loved one locked away while trying to figure out your next move.

For the person I know, it isn’t surprising that he did end up with the charge he is being held under, he got into the wrong crowd and started making the wrong choices and it was only a matter of time before something was going to happen.

You’re not wrong for walking away if you’re gut is telling you to.

Before he got locked up, I had made the conscious choice of backing away from our relationship because his choices were started to reflect on his behavior.

When it comes to having someone in the jail system it can either be freeing for us or it can be conflicting, for me in the end it feels like this is my chance to let that person know that you don’t condone their lifestyle and that them being away can be their chance at reflecting on their behavior.

You can’t change someone’s behavior but you can give them a choice.

You can either give them a choice to try and make some changes and give the chance to respond or you can make the decision for yourself and walk away Because remember, you can’t change someone especially if they’re not ready to make a change.

You can love them from a distance and write them once and awhile with encouraging words but be clear where you stand in terms of friendship.

For me, I grew up where jail is more common than college and I made the conscious choice to stop surrounding myself with people that chose to stay with the wrong crowd.

Give yourself time to understand where you stand and process your feelings.

Don’t rush the process.

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