Can you bail yourself out of jail

Can you bail myself out of jail if I get arrested?

Yes, if bail is set and you have the full amount of cash in the amount of bail, you can bail yourself out of jail and you’ll be held accountable for showing up for future court dates. If you fail to appear, a warrant will be put out for your arrest and bail will be revoked, meaning it will no longer be valid and you might even lose out on the money you put up for the bail.

Keep in mind certain restrictions  may keep you from posting bail for yourself such as already having a record, you’re new to town and have no credit among other things – a bail bond might turn you down if that’s the choice you opt to if you don’t have the full amount of cash to put up.

How does a bondsman work; will I automatically get be able to get out?

Again, it depends on the circumstances of your case and assuming that you are approved by a pierce county bonds agency  

Here is a simplified version of how a bail works when going through a bail bond agency – you wind up in jail and judge has set bail at $5,000 and you don’t have the full amount, however, you were approved by a bondsman – they will put up a % of money on your behalf. Check out the highlighted link above for our bails bond page.

Can you pay bail with a credit card?

Yes, or it will also depend on the cash form that specific bail agency accepts but most bail bond agencies accept cash, debit/credit, money orders, and WTF’s (wire transfer funds).

Payment plans can also be worked out.

Wrapping up

Most of the time a friend or family member will be the one to go to the bails bond agency but if you have no one then the next step will be to bailing your self out and showing up the scheduled court dates to keep yourself from paying out more money.

If you’re in need of a lawyer, check out our Tacoma law page.

Friend in pierce county jail

The conflict of having someone in the pierce county jail system.

So, I have a friend in pierce county jail and I became conflicted about writing him and keeping touch because this isn’t his first rodeo with the jail system and each catalyst that landed him in a cell has to do with harming another person…

This conflict, unfortunately, is common and if you’re reading this then I assume you’re also in the same position of having someone you know in the pierce county jail system.

So I wanted to provide some tips to help you navigate the feelings of having a loved one locked away while trying to figure out your next move.

For the person I know, it isn’t surprising that he did end up with the charge he is being held under, he got into the wrong crowd and started making the wrong choices and it was only a matter of time before something was going to happen.

You’re not wrong for walking away if you’re gut is telling you to.

Before he got locked up, I had made the conscious choice of backing away from our relationship because his choices were started to reflect on his behavior.

When it comes to having someone in the jail system it can either be freeing for us or it can be conflicting, for me in the end it feels like this is my chance to let that person know that you don’t condone their lifestyle and that them being away can be their chance at reflecting on their behavior.

You can’t change someone’s behavior but you can give them a choice.

You can either give them a choice to try and make some changes and give the chance to respond or you can make the decision for yourself and walk away Because remember, you can’t change someone especially if they’re not ready to make a change.

You can love them from a distance and write them once and awhile with encouraging words but be clear where you stand in terms of friendship.

For me, I grew up where jail is more common than college and I made the conscious choice to stop surrounding myself with people that chose to stay with the wrong crowd.

Give yourself time to understand where you stand and process your feelings.

Don’t rush the process.

Moving on while dealing with a loved one in jail

InDealing with a troubled loved one.

This is written from personal experience, if you feel that you have done everything that you could for your loved one and this time you must walk away, there is no guilt and no shame in showing tough love after giving multiple chances.

This article Dealing with a loved one going to jail makes a good point on how having someone that provided support, whether emotional or financial, losing that can have a huge impact on your day to day life.

Walking away from someone that is in jail…

Won’t be easy at first and in fact, it might not be easy for awhile as you are ending a relationship, and no matter the reason, endings of relationships can be painful and have their stages.

Here are some tips on getting through…

1: Surround yourself with people that will support your decision. Join a support group if you don’t have anyone to lend an ear or shoulder to cry on.

2: Keep busy, spend more time on activities that will keep you distracted. Activities that will provide you with some happiness, even simple things like walking to the park and reading a book or volunteering at the local food bank.

3: Don’t beat yourself up for walking away from the situation, tough love can be the wake-up call to your loved one.

Don’t be the ride or die jail person…

Meaning if you have someone you’re dating being sentenced to twenty years, don’t feel that you have to stick twenty years out waiting for them. Life is too short, support them if you must, but maybe break off the romance of the relationship and keep it in the friend zone.

Having someone in Jail…

is never easy and often times walking away is our only solution for the time being, who knows what the future holds, perhaps it will just be a momentarily break and you’ll visit the relationship down the line, but when someone spends time in county jail or prison, it’s important to keep in mind that you too are just as affected.

Pierce County Jail and Adjusting

Pierce County Jail and AdjustingPierce County Jail and Adjusting

can be difficult for the person locked up or the loved one waiting for that person to get out, either way, this article on Pierce County Jail and Adjusting will provide you with tips on how to adjust on life after county jail, before, or while waiting.

Pierce County Jail and Adjusting: Before

Before you leave to serve your brief sentence, make sure that you have prepared to be gone for that amount of time, talked with your spouse, loved ones, pay ahead on bills if possible, just to get some breathing room while in the pierce county jail.

Sometimes, you won’t have a turn yourself-in-date and you can be arraigned right after your court appearance.

Pierce County Jail and Adjusting: After

So, you just got released and things might be different, your girlfriend broke up with you, your spouse is giving you the cold shoulder, you lost your job or whatever the case might be, it’s now time to readjust your life.

Some things you can do are figuring out how you can get back on your feet, often times jails have referral work programs you can attend or if you want to get in school, you can learn a trade at the local bates college within a year.

Pierce County Jail and Adjusting: waiting for a loved one.

It is always tough when your world gets turned upside down and now you have to pick up the pieces while waiting for your loved one to get out of the county jail, some things you can do can include preparing the home, be supportive in communication, try and better the home situation for when they get out.

Remember, to take care of yourself while you’re waiting for them to come home, as sometimes, it can be like the family is serving time as well which can trigger stress and problems within the home and everyday life.

Pierce County Bail Bonds

Pierce county bail bondsPierce County Bail Bonds…

can be your ticket out of jail card or your loved one’s ticket out of jail card if they’re eligible for bail.

Pierce county bail bonds: Can I bail out my loved one from the pierce county jail?

Well, it depends on if they’re eligible for bail and if the bail is in a reasonable range of price, you can find out if your loved one is eligible by visiting the pierce county jail roster and looking up their last name or visit the linx roster.

From there, once you find their information, you’ll be able to see how much bail is set, if there is a bail, and how much you would have to pay.

Pierce county bail bonds: How much will I have to pay?

Well, when it comes to bonds, you won’t have to pay the full amount. Most people go to bail bond places in Tacoma because they can’t afford to pay the full $5,000 bail and so they have to take a risk and apply for bail money.

Pierce county bail bonds: How do bail bond agencies work?

When you’re applying for a bond, you’ll have to pay a percentage and often times you might have to put up collateral in case your loved one chooses to not show up to court.

The bail bondsmen will put up the bail and return your loved one gets out of jail, but again before you choose to go the route, know that you are putting your trust in your loved one to show up to court and follow the court plans.

Pierce county bail bonds: What if I can’t pay money for a bail bond?

Then your loved one will just have to wait for his/her court date.

Pierce county bail bonds: I have the money, I don’t need a bail bond.

Good, that is awesome, you won’t be tied to a bail bond company in fear of losing your house, yes, some people put up the house for bail, lawyer fees and more, and if you can pay bail of pocket, that might be the best route.

Where can I find a bail bond place?

You can visit our Pierce county jail bail bonds page.

Pierce County Jail Visiting

Pierce County Jail visitingPierce county jail visiting: What to prepare for.

So, you have a loved one locked up and it’s time to do a piece county jail visiting appearance and you’re wondering what you should wear, what you can bring, should you bring the kids, can you bring the kids, all these thoughts are running through your mind.

Visiting someone in the pierce county jail.

First, breathe and remember that county jail is not prison, so it’s not as strict as you are imagining it to be.

This moment should be exciting for you, even though it’s under unfortunate circumstances.

Pierce County Jail: Visiting Rules.

It is up to your loved one to make sure that all paperwork is filled out so you can visit them, it is their responsibility to know about their current visiting schedule and reschedules.

You must bring an approved picture identification to your visit.

You’ll only have an hour to visit with your loved one and you won’t be able to visit more than once on the same day.

Show up on time or early because if you’re late, you will be turned away.

You must have an appointment, you cannot just show up because your loved one asked you to.

Visiting jail with minors.

No more than two children with one adult, and if two adults are present, only one child can is allowed.

Only a parent, grandparent or legal guardian can bring a child to visit the inmate.

For more on visitation rules and general information, visit here

Preparing you and a child for visitation.

When visiting the pierce county jail, you won’t be able to bring anything personal with you or get up to leave and come back, so it’s better to make sure that you have gone to the bathroom and fed yourself and the children before sitting down for your visitation.

Pierce County Court Dates

Pierce county logoFinding out pierce county court dates…

isn’t as daunting as it may seem and if you know how to use the pierce county jail roster, you’ll be able to find out pierce county court dates and more.

Option one: Check out the pierce county roster for the inmate you’re searching for and you’ll be to see how much bail was set, upcoming court dates and sentences.

Option two: Check out the monthly court date schedule to find out about upcoming court hearings.

Preparing for your court date…

Show up prepared and well dressed and show up early ready to go. If you can afford to hire a lawyer, check out our Tacoma WA Lawyer page and if you can’t afford one, an attorney could be appointed to you.

If you know someone that has been in the same situation as you and has used a lawyer in the past, ask for their recommendations on the kind of lawyer you should hire.

What if the ruling doesn’t go in my favor?

Depending on your case, you may be able to appeal it and fight it again, however, if this is a criminal case or a case where you are ordered to turn yourself in on a certain date then here are some following steps to follow.

What to do before turning yourself into the pierce county jail?

Take care of the things that you need to, like your job, alerting your boss that you will be away for awhile, preparing your loved ones for your absence and assuring them that things will be okay in the end.

Surround yourself with those you know will support you in trying times, and start reading about your rights as an inmate, visitors, phone privileges, mail.

If possible have your spouse or trusted loved one put some money aside to place on your books so you have funds for the pierce county jail commissary.

My boyfriend is going to jail what do I do

boyfriend going jailMy boyfriend is going to jail what do I do

First, you breathe and find out what you can do to support him, read what you need to know about the Pierce County Jail System and find out how you can support him via letters and the pierce county commissary.

If you want to stick by his side, then prepare for the journey and surround yourself with loved ones and keep your mind busy because having a loved one locked up in jail can be stressful.

How to cope with boyfriend in jail…

Continue to do your everyday activities and responsibilities like going to work, finishing class work, spending time with friends and family and visiting your boyfriend while possible.

It is also recommended that you take on a new activity to fill the amount of time that you spent with your boyfriend, so you’re not constantly thinking of him.

 Sending Pierce county jail mail letters.

When it comes to communication, sending regular letters can keep your connection strong with your other half while you wait for him to get out. Phone calls are also another form of communication that will help the process.

When it comes to Pierce County’s mail regulations, keep in mind that they are strict on what you can send, no nude photos, money, or anything besides a letter or simple birthday card.

Pierce county jail hours for visiting

To find out the hours you can visit your boyfriend, check out our homepage and make sure that you get on a regular schedule of communication as much as possible.

Keep in mind that sometimes things happen where your boyfriend might not be able to call or have a visit. An inmate can lose phone or visiting privileges when they wind up in trouble.

Final tips

Keep in mind that if your boyfriend has a family, then sometimes your visits won’t be as often as you will like.

You can’t pick when you want to see him and often times, an inmate has one or two visits in a given time frame.

Pierce County Jail Commissary Info

Jail Commissary What can you buy in a jail commissary?

The pierce county jail commissary is where your loved one will be able to order the items they need such as snacks, basic health supplies, writing materials, clothing and more.

You might hear them say/ask the term “Can you put money on my books” which means adding money to their account so they can purchase these items.

How to put money in an inmates account?

Depending on the jail the method of making an inmate commissary deposit can be different, for the Washington State Piece County Jail offers three methods…

  1.  Pay via the internet using a credit/debit card.
  2.  Touchpay Kiosk which is located in their lobby, cash or card.
  3.  By calling their toll free number, at 1-866-232-1899. You’ll need the facility Locator Number which is 298402

Visit the following link to make an online deposit.

what if I can’t support my loved one right now?

Don’t worry too much, often times jails provide Indigent Items to inmates with less than $1 on their account, however, the items for them purchase will be limited. Pierce County does indeed provide them.

What are indigent Items?

They are your basic items like soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, deodorant, razors, your bottom down basic supplies to help them get through their daily living and is provided weekly.

how much do things cost in jail commissary?

Depending on the jail prices can be different. You’ll want to ask your loved one or call the toll-free number if you’re unsure how much you should put on your their books.

Can I send money to an inmate?

The pierce county jail mail is strict and your letter and money will be sent back.

You cannot send money in, however, the three methods mentioned above are sufficient enough for you to help out your loved one.

Having a loved one in Pierce County Jail

Steps to finding out if your loved one is in jail.

As common as we don’t want to think it is, many families have someone in their life that is constantly getting in trouble with the law and hanging around the wrong crowds.

And when they don’t come home or disappear off the grid, we think the worse and sometimes for the worse, it becomes the truth of reality.

 Look up the pierce county jail roster.

If you have reason to believe that a loved one is locked up or their friends have called to say they have been arrested but you’re not sure how to find out.

The Pierce County Jail has a roster that is updated and will show those arrested as of recent and those who have been released in the last 48 hours. If you’re looking to find someone and think they’re in jail, visit the following link Pierce County inmate roster.

Call the pierce county jail number…

If you can’t happen to find their name on the roster but still have a reason to believe that your loved one has been locked up, then you call the jail number.

Keep in mind there are two jails, the main jail, and the new jail which have different phone numbers. For the main jail call (253)798-4590.

For the new Jail, call (253) 798-4590.

Steps to take after finding out that your loved one is in pierce county jail

If confirmed that your loved one is in jail and bail is something that is an option and what you want to do, Tacoma bail bonds are near the pierce county courthouse.

24 hour Tacoma bail bonds are common which give you the option to do your research and get feedback and figure out which Tacoma bail bond agency might be right for you.

Check out our Tacoma Bail Bonds Page for Bail agencies in the local area.