My boyfriend is going to jail what do I do

boyfriend going jailMy boyfriend is going to jail what do I do

First, you breathe and find out what you can do to support him, read what you need to know about the Pierce County Jail System and find out how you can support him via letters and the pierce county commissary.

If you want to stick by his side, then prepare for the journey and surround yourself with loved ones and keep your mind busy because having a loved one locked up in jail can be stressful.

How to cope with boyfriend in jail…

Continue to do your everyday activities and responsibilities like going to work, finishing class work, spending time with friends and family and visiting your boyfriend while possible.

It is also recommended that you take on a new activity to fill the amount of time that you spent with your boyfriend, so you’re not constantly thinking of him.

 Sending Pierce county jail mail letters.

When it comes to communication, sending regular letters can keep your connection strong with your other half while you wait for him to get out. Phone calls are also another form of communication that will help the process.

When it comes to Pierce County’s mail regulations, keep in mind that they are strict on what you can send, no nude photos, money, or anything besides a letter or simple birthday card.

Pierce county jail hours for visiting

To find out the hours you can visit your boyfriend, check out our homepage and make sure that you get on a regular schedule of communication as much as possible.

Keep in mind that sometimes things happen where your boyfriend might not be able to call or have a visit. An inmate can lose phone or visiting privileges when they wind up in trouble.

Final tips

Keep in mind that if your boyfriend has a family, then sometimes your visits won’t be as often as you will like.

You can’t pick when you want to see him and often times, an inmate has one or two visits in a given time frame.

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